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Try Einskarp Cloud Solution

Try Einskarp Cloud Solution

Why Choose Einskarp Point Of Sale

Are you running a business like Chemistry, Boutique / Beauty Shop, Small Restaurant, Stores, Barber & Salon, Hardware or any similar business and you don't want to invest in an expensive ERP Financial System?

If your answer is yes, then this is the platform for you. Manage Sales of your store from your phone or PC and manage your business professionally.

Einskarp Point of Sale offers an easy-to-use interface to companies using Einskarp ERP enabling them to collect and control the payment of direct consumer sales.

Einskarp Point of Sale is a fully-integrated software solution that facilitates over-the-counter sales transactions by accepting payments or deposits efficiently. It is used to sell stock directly to a customer and enables immediate stock allocation and payment as it is done at the point of transaction.

Einskarp Point of Sale is not just a replacement for the electronic cash register – because it is fully integrated to the Einskarp ERP back office it offers the advantages of a safe and secure cash collection process, controlled through an end-of-day process that is fully integrated to the back office financials in Einskarp ERP, no additional journals or reconciliations are required. Complete on- and offline trading functionality which means that should your network or server go down, your Point of Sale system simply keeps on working without any interruptions. After all, cash is key to your business, so you need a proven and powerful point-of-sale solution that works as hard as you do

Access from anywhere so there is no need to be at the till to access reporting or management functions

Reduced network traffic due to an optimized web-based interface

State of the art, tailorable touch screen interface

Ease of deployment and hassle-free maintenance

Robust and easy to manage security options

Full e-commerce interface and integration with on-line shopping, catalogue and Web presence

Optional, tailored business functionality

Einskarp Point of Sale was designed by business owners for business owners. This means that it’s simple to set up, hassle-free to use, and packed full of features to ensure that you see the difference in your bottom line.

Point of Sale solution includes complete offline trading functionality for customer facing transactions, which allows the Point of Sale system to keep working without interruption should the network or main server go down.
Replication and synchronization ensures data consistency is maintained between main and branch servers.
Easy End of Day Cash Ups Comprehensive cash-up and end-of-day functionality provides secure and easy reconciliation between cash-in-till and reported cash balance, and integration with cash book.
Point of Sale has been engineered from the ground up to ensure that it has robust and easily-manageable security features, giving you peace of mind to focus on running your business. Control and management of store operations is provided, including supervisor approval levels, inventory movement, and limited stock take functionality – stock take has to be initiated by Head or Central Office.

Critical function and page access per user control, defined user roles and comprehensive permission security

The power to provide permissions for tellers to exceed variances, override prices or set discount limits

Supervisor overrides provide complete control over all functionality.Catering for Branches

Online branches have the full Einskarp application installed, and have direct network access to the Einskarp Application and Database servers.
Usually these branches are located at the same site as the Einskarp system.

The offline capability has been designed so that core sales functionality at store locations is available at all times, and to cater for the exceptional event when lines to the head office go down.
Offline also allows for transactions to be processed at trade shows, or other events, using a laptop when there is no connection to head office.
Offline branches do not have a complete Einskarp installation but instead the Point of Sale offline foundation version is installed.
All offline transactions are saved in the Point of Sale database and these transactions are then later copied to the main server. Once the transaction is copied, the Windows Posting service posts all the transactions to Einskarp.
Back Office Management and ReportingYou take care of your business. Einskarp Point of Sale takes care of everything else.

Comprehensive management reporting

Petty cash management

Advanced cash-up functionality with cash book integration

Supply Chain Transfers (SCT) and Goods In Transit (GIT) integration allowing you to transfer and receive stock from depots or other branches

Complete sales audit trails

Inventory balance queries.

This software if web-based hence no installation required, just subscribe & start selling!!

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